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Nicholas Brendon

  Nicholas Brendon began acting a few  years ago and already has an impressive  list of  television, film and theater credits.  He originally planned to pursue  professional baseball until an arm injury cut  his sports career short. The alternative  career route he took was acting and he  made his television debut in a Clearasil  commercial. Acting opportunities were  slow so he temporarily worked on the other  side of the camera as a production  assistant on "Dave's World" until he  eventually landed a role on the series.

Birthdate: April 12
Birthplace: Los Angeles
Current residence: Los Angeles (He shares a home with his twin brother Kelly.)
Television debut: Clearasil commercial
Television credits include: "The Young and the Restless" (He  had a recurring role.), "Married With Children," "Dave's World,"   "Secret Lives."
Feature film credit: "Children of the Corn III"
Los Angeles theater credits: "Further Adventures of Tom  Sawyer," "My Own Private Hollywood," "Out of Gas on Lovers'  Leap"
Hobbies: Basketball, camping and spending time with friends and family

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